About us

Student realty” is a first company aiming to solve a renting problem for students. We can help you to rent an apartment, to live in the student dormitory near the university.

Our goal is to make student living easy, safe and comfortable.

We start processing right after you apply and help you until settling in.



We are working with the university of Ekaterinburg, Tyumen and reliable apartment owners. Your safety is guaranteed through the contract


We know what students need while choosing a place to live. We help only students, future students and graduates


When searching for a place it is essential to save time. We start searching right in the day you applied


Since 2011 more than 4 000 people have applied to our program. The team of professionals will help you find a place


Fast and effective searching for a place to stay

Rent a place to stay

We have an immense choice of apartments, dormitories and hostels for those who want to start living on their own Renting

Living in the dormitory

Didn’t get the place in the student dorm, but still wanting to taste a student life? We can help! Available in Yekaterinburg

Buying an apartment

Want to buy a flat? Our team can find a place of your dreams, solving all paper issues for you. Available in Yekaterinburg



We can help to rent an apartment or a room for a studying period or for a day


A good options for those who are planning to study or are coming to the city for exams. Friendly atmosphere is our guarantee!


You can stay in the city with all the conditions we can provide. A good location and great service.

How it works

Step 01

A specialist will contact you during the working day to clarify all requirements and wishes.

Step 03
Help during the execution of the contract

We agree on a convenient time for you and the owner to check the apartment.

Step 02
Selection of options

We select several options for your personal taste and help to make the right choice.

Step 04
Legal assistance

We help with the paperwork, and only then you pay for services.

Private dormitories

Private dormitory

Large kitchen, showers, bathrooms and washing machines. The hostel works around the clock.

Students apartments

A new format of accommodation for students: comfortable apartments with a shared kitchen, seating areas and coworking spaces.

Private dormitory

A detached building in which only students live! Excellent value for money and quality.

How it works

Step 01
Application submission

During the day our specialist will contact you and advise you on all issues

Step 03
Signing the rental contract

We will help you to move in and secure the transaction by signing the rental contract

Step 02
Meeting in the dormitory

We will give you a mini-tour of the dormitory and inform you of the rules

Step 04
Payment for accommodation

You will pay only for living in a dorm. No additional payments or commissions

Apartment purchase

Not all apartments are presented here. Leave the application, and we will find you the perfect option!

Apartment building "Mendeleev"

The house, which embodies the successful construction and engineering solutions

Apartment building "Rassvetny"

Comfortable complex building near the lake Shartash

Apartment building "Basilik"

Modern residential quarter in Vtuzgorodok

How it works

Step 01
Application submission

During the day our specialist will contact you to clarify the terms of cooperation

Step 03
Legal assistance

We draw up the necessary documents under current law

Step 02
Selection of an apartment

There will be personal selection of options, escort on the property by a specialist and consultation on property issues

Step 04

Payment is made under a service contract as soon as you will make sure of the security of the transaction

What will you get?

What will you get?

Accommodation close to the university

Good flatmates

Qualified assistance of specialists

Quick selection of several options

Our team

We are a young company. Every student can

Find accommodation near your university

We successfully solve housing issues for students of different universities, among them:

Feedback from our customers

We have already helped more than 4,000 students. You can





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